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TBA - Steam (Windows)


Steam (Windows)

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Immerse yourself in the groundbreaking experience of an online survivor-like game. Join forces with your friends, selecting unique classes, and collaborating to combat a relentless mechanical insect army. After every intense round, engage in strategic discussions with your party: will you risk all your hard-earned XP for another round, or sacrifice some to ensure a safe return to your village? The decisions are critical, and everyone's input counts in this high-stakes game. Dive into the captivating loop of the rogue-like gameplay. Confront waves of adversaries while meticulously refining your character's abilities, upgrading bit by bit. Can you endure the unrelenting battle and emerge victorious? In between these combat sessions, you'll journey back to your village, where the enigmatic tapestry of the Our Tribe Above All universe unfolds. Unearth the runic origins of your tribe's magic and unravel the mysteries behind the uprising of the mechanical insects. Each return to the village deepens the narrative, strengthening the bonds between you and your comrades. Crafting an unparalleled amalgamation of addicting survivor-like mechanics, compelling narrative weaving, hand-drawn artistic animation, and the dynamic thrill of online multiplayer, Our Tribe Above All aspires to etch an enduring impression.


Fast-paced Top-down Bullet Heaven Gameplay

Choose from one of four different heroes to face off the swarms of robotic insects. Each hero has their own set of weapons, upgrades, and abilities to power you up through each expedition - all balanced with data-driven metrics and game feel in mind.

Online Multiplayer-focused Survivor-like Experience

Team up with up to three other cloudstriders to repel the endless hordes of enemies with the focus on cooperative gameplay. Our Tribe Above All was built from the ground-up to focus on a seamless multiplayer experience, powered by Photon.

Beautifully Hand-drawn Visuals

Destroy and dismantle a variety of different robotic swarms, explore the beautiful and expansive environment left in their wake, and interact with the colorful cast of humanity's final survivors, all completely hand-drawn!

Engaging Storytelling and Personality-rich Characters

Your choices throughout the game will affect your tribe's success as you interact with the diverse cast. Will you be able to survive the constant onslaught of swarming insects? Or will the final tribe of humanity succumb to their own creations?


Isolde earlygame gameplay
Voss earlygame gameplay
Isolde storm ability
Voss elite fight


Baphomet Swarm after countdown reaches 0
Bindmaster Drakk
Character select screen
Isolde vs an Elite
Isolde lategame gameplay
Voss damaged by a swarm
Skywarden Tallus conversation dialogue
Character change snippet

Key Art and Illustrations

Isolde portrait
Voss portrait
Skybinder Drakk portrait
Skywarden Vallus


Tribe Logo White
Tribe Logo Black