Virtual Reality (VR)

Experience, visualize, and gaze beyond what’s humanly possible with our VR Studio

Build Immersive Experiences for Customers

Eliminate the noise. Eradicate distraction. Untether yourself from reality. And invite your customers into a new world designed by you. Our VR Studio and VR services enables your customers to leave their own environment behind and step into yours, surrounded by your story and your vision. It’s a 360° immersive experience that connects your customers with your business.

Transform Training & Education

Your team is the backbone of your business. Empower them to achieve more and elevate your organization with gamified training and learning opportunities that instantly transport them into situations that cannot always be safely replicated in the real world. Develop your most critical resources, and prepare them for anything.

Break Down Physical Barriers

So much potential exists in the world. Yet many of the most innovative ideas never make it out of the conception stage due to physical barriers that prevent execution. With VR, the world is whatever you make it. Take ideas from concept to ‘digital reality’; test dreams in low-risk virtual environments; find new ways to deliver creative content.

What is VR?

Virtual reality technology makes simulations more realistic, more authentic, and more engaging than ever, replacing what we see with digital graphics and renderings. 

Unlike augmented reality which overlays digital creations onto real world scenes, VR completely removes the users from the environment they call ‘home’, transporting them into a 3D, 360° virtual landscape where they can be fully present and immersed in the experience you’ve created. The real world ceases to exist… even for just a moment. 

VR brings with it a huge range of potential and possibilities, from virtual tours and emergency response scenarios to digital conferences and product demonstrations.

Why use VR?

VR is your gateway to a different world. If you’ve ever had an idea that was beyond the scope of this dimension, VR is what’s going to help you bring the magic to life. 

Perhaps most importantly, it’s what’s going to help you share your ideas with employees or customers. Invite them in. Welcome them. Challenge their perception of what’s in front of them, and introduce them to different ways of thinking. Open up imaginations in a distraction-free zone and help them accept what shouldn’t be possible. 

With the right development methods through The Dev House Agency's VR Studio, your VR experiences can be enjoyed across a range of platforms, helping you to not only create but also distribute your content as needed.

How does VR development work?

That’s something we don’t want you to worry about. If you don’t have experience in developing VR environments, the team here at DevHouse is a VR Studio that is here to support you. 

We work with clients around the world to turn their virtual reality ideas into 360° immersive experiences. From consultation and conceptualization to development and implementation, our experts are industry leaders in 2D and 3D customer-focused design, offering complete end-to-end services for even the most complex projects.

Our team is made up of only the most talented designers, engineers, artists, producers, and user experience experts who are on a mission to deliver quality results, every time.

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We work in an exciting field ripe with opportunity and we don't like to wait around. We lead with courage and discipline to test the limits of our craft and ourselves.


We are curious professionals hungry to learn and grow but we're not in this alone. We are invested in learning the best ways to collaborate and leverage our diverse areas of expertise to achieve better results.


We believe in sharing our knowledge, expertise, and work generously. Everything we do is built on the relationships we develop through thoughtfulness and a genuine desire to help others.

How Could VR Impact Your Business?

  1. Demonstrate your product in the most suitable environment
  2. Replicate hard-to-reproduce situations for customised training
  3. Transform standard 2D content into more engaging 360° video
  4. Build inclusivity through digital events that can be experienced across the world
  5. Reduce risk and cost of trialling ideas in real world settings
  6. Roll out 3D content across multiple platforms and devices
  7. Inject more interactivity into the business-customer relationship
  8. Take customers on a virtual tour of your venue to boost loyalty
  9. Create branded content that goes beyond what’s thought to be possible



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Our passion for creation is evident in our work. Whether it’s modeling hyper-realistic digital twins, building engaging mobile AR applications, or developing immersive VR games, we continually deliver next-generation experiences to the metaverse, see what our clients have to say about working with us.

The Devhouse Agency proved capable of solving complex problems while staying on top of deadlines. Customers can expect a tech-savvy, flexible, and reliable partner.

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The Devhouse Agency's responsiveness and timeliness have allowed them to produce exceptional work. External stakeholders are also pleased with the team's work. The team is highly commended for their eagerness to improve their service.

Dan Doerr, Director Of Strategic Partnerships, Market Apartments - Salt Lake City, Utah

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