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Unreal Engine is bursting with advanced features and industry leading functionality that gamifies the everyday and builds compelling digital, gaming and VR experiences. Unreal development creates opportunities for engagement and interactivity across a diverse range of sectors, from entertainment and cinematics to architecture, transport, and more.

Your Vision, Our Expertise

Whether you want to launch a new game, develop an intensive training exercise, or build immersive experiences that challenge your customers’ perceptions, our UE experts are skilled at taking business concepts and developing them into viable digital solutions. If you have a vision, we have the knowhow to take it from concept to (virtual) reality.

The Obvious Partner for gaming

Unreal Engine is the go-to solution for developing powerful gaming and VR experiences that transport users beyond the real world to a brand new, immersive landscape. Renowned for its photorealism and cinematic production features, we use UE for web-based and mobile-based applications that communicate your ideas in the best possible way.

What is Unreal Engine?

Unreal Engine is a suite of development tools that powers truly revolutionary 2D and 3D creative content and digital experiences. 

First released in 1998 by Epic Games as a first-person shooter, the platform has been continually developed and is today one of two leading development platforms for gaming. With both first party and community-built features available, UE gives us the freedom to meet our client’s needs.

Unreal Engine game development powers some of the most recognizable gaming applications today, with features that allow for graphics to be transformed into jaw dropping visualizations.

Why do we use Unreal Engine?

There’s always something new to conceptualise. Unreal brings those ideas to life in ways you could never imagine. 

We thrive on new challenges, and love being brought in to work on innovative new projects that make us see things differently. And that’s why we use Unreal Engine. In the world of XR, there’s no such thing as standard. UE has exactly what we need to take an individual, personalized approach to every challenge that’s in front of us. 

If you’re searching for a skilled UE developer to support the launch of your next project, contact us now.

How does Unreal development work?

This is where DevHouse can help. If you’re developing a gaming or VR project but lack specific experience working with us as your Unreal Engine game developers, we can bridge that skills gap. 

Fully trained in UE4 - and proud to be continually learning as new versions, new features, and new technologies are rolled out - our team has the experience needed to plan, build, edit, execute, and manage your virtual projects with confidence. From game development to training scenarios (and everything in between), we’re ready for it. 

We take an outcome-based approach to all projects, using effective and efficient development processes and methodologies to deliver top results every time.

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Benefits of Unreal Engine development

  1. Hyper-photorealistic rendering
  2. Jaw dropping visualizations
  3. Lifelike animation capabilities
  4. Blueprint Visual Scripting feature for easy prototyping
  5. Supports developments for various platforms and devices
  6. Continual platform updates with new feature roll outs
  7. Supports creation of advanced virtual environments and experiences
  8. Practically limited only by your imagination
  9. Trusted by global companies like Nintendo, EA, Sony, and Rockstar Games



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