Augmented Reality (AR)

AR Studio blending the tangible and the intangible to create infinite possibilities

Transform the Mundane into the Miraculous

Turn up the volume on everyday experiences and elevate them into more engaging, more interactive, more immersive adventures for both your customers and your team. From shopping to learning to professional training - and everything in between - our AR Studio injects a new level of excitement into the real world that reignites dwindling fires.

Make a Scene

No business wants to be the one left behind. So don’t be. Make a scene, stand out from the crowd, and grab that industry leader spot with both hands by turning your content into extraordinary hybrid events across the web, iOS, Android, social media, and more. Today’s customers have come to expect more from brands. So why not give it to them?

The Future of Brand Communication

Conversions and loyalty no longer come from products and pricing alone. Emotion plays a significant role in the B2B decision making process, which means it’s never been more important for brands to draw their customers in through sentiment and sensation; through communications that don’t just speak to buyers, but actually engrosses them.

What is AR?

Augmented reality is the technology that combines the real world environment with digital objects, layering creative 3D models and graphics into a users surrounding landscape.

Unlike virtual reality that removes a user from their reality, AR empowers them to embrace both simultaneously, inviting them into real world situations that are enhanced with artificially generated graphics to heighten senses and break down the boundaries between what we know to be possible, and what we dare dream to be achievable. 

The applications for AR are endless. From entertaining games to fashion and beauty apps, home design, and skills training, there’s potential across practically every sector.

Why use AR?

When businesses think big, they dream up concepts that are sometimes beyond the scope of what’s physically possible. State-of-the art technologies help bridge the gap.

The DevHouse Agency is an AR Studio and delivers AR services that opens up the door to pushing physical boundaries by combining them with digital elements. Forward-thinking brands are embracing AR to enable customers to explore products and envision concepts with an almost child-like wonder, creating a world where anything can happen; where they can encounter and expect the unexpected. 

AR is how brands are standing out today, elevating customer experiences and changing the meaning of content from something that’s seen to something that’s felt.

How does AR development work?

That’s where we come in. As a AR Studio, DevHouse are proud to have a hand selected team of AR experts who are passionate about transforming the augmented reality landscape. 

As a full service, end-to-end AR partner, we work with businesses across all aspects of a project, from consultation and conception to implementation and roll out. Our experts are trained in both Unity and Unreal Engine, with years of experience using these globally recognized solutions to create industry-leading 3D content for our clients. 

We can say with absolute confidence that all DevHouse AR work is carried out 100% in-house, all thanks to our talented 3D artists, designers, and innovative experts.

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We work in an exciting field ripe with opportunity and we don't like to wait around. We lead with courage and discipline to test the limits of our craft and ourselves.


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How Could AR Impact Your Business?

  1. Engage with customers through cutting edge technologies
  2. Educate and inspire with more intensity than ever before
  3. Turn 2D content into 3D renderings so real you can almost feel them
  4. Invite customers to delve deeply into your brand story
  5. Strengthen relationships and boost loyalty
  6. Enable customers to experience what they never thought possible
  7. Generate excitement during the earliest stages of a project using visualisation
  8. Personalize the customer encounter
  9. Take your business to the next level, and stay ahead of the game



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Don't Take Our Word For It

Our passion for creation is evident in our work. Whether it’s modeling hyper-realistic digital twins, building engaging mobile AR applications, or developing immersive VR games, we continually deliver next-generation experiences to the metaverse, see what our clients have to say about working with us.

The Devhouse Agency proved capable of solving complex problems while staying on top of deadlines. Customers can expect a tech-savvy, flexible, and reliable partner.

Elena Piech, Experiential Producer, AMP Creative - Dallas, Texas

The Devhouse Agency's responsiveness and timeliness have allowed them to produce exceptional work. External stakeholders are also pleased with the team's work. The team is highly commended for their eagerness to improve their service.

Dan Doerr, Director Of Strategic Partnerships, Market Apartments - Salt Lake City, Utah

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