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We help enterprises and entrepreneurs bring their visions to life in cutting-edge interactive mediums.

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Meet the Devhouse Agency


We believe in bringing a pioneering spirit and sense of play to our work, while striving to be a creative force in new interactive mediums.


We work in an exciting field ripe with opportunity and we don't like to wait around. We lead with courage and discipline to test the limits of our craft and ourselves.


We are curious professionals hungry to learn and grow but we're not in this alone. We are invested in learning the best ways to collaborate and leverage our diverse areas of expertise to achieve better results.


We believe in sharing our knowledge, expertise, and work generously. Everything we do is built on the relationships we develop through thoughtfulness and a genuine desire to help others.

Meet The TEam

Our team is comprised of thoughtful, creative, and friendly artists, developers, producers, and project managers that you'll love collaborating with to make your vision a reality.

A development veteran and wearer of many hats Jim has directly touched all elements in the production pipeline at one point or another in his career. Whether writing code, building circuit boards, managing projects, or composing music, as Devhouse's leader Jim leads intelligently from direct experience. This experience helps guide our team's core values of client communication, creating wow factor, and meeting our promised milestones.

Jim Welch
Creative Director / Head of Studio

As our Lead Developer and code magician Justin is the guy to go to when some deep code work needs doing. Messy code can get things done but more often than not lead to slow downs and limitations further in development. Justin ensures we avoid such pitfalls and structure projects in a manner that they are clean, manageable, and scalable.

Justin Rivera
Lead Developer

Devyn Cole
Lead Technical Artist

Christian Black
Lead Interactive Designer

Eric Peterson
Client Success Manager

Dylan Elkins
3D Artist

Jasmine Shannon
Producer / Head of Operations

Liam Gilmore
Technical Artist

Trevor Thacker
Software Developer

Zachariah Shaikh
3D Artist

Daniel Shea
Software Developer

Jessica Lin

Andrew Sylvester
Software Developer

Bill Dang
Software Developer

Richard Gung
Designer / Software Developer

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